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Pizza Hut is launching augmented reality pizza boxes that you can play Pac-Man on. The company’s CMO tells Insider why it’s using the gaming icon in its ‘Newstalgia’ campaign.


Pizza has become a pandemic staple over the past year, which has only intensified a long-running rivalry between the biggest chains. As part of its bid to further boost sales and grab a bigger slice of the pie, Pizza Hut has turned to a reliable old friend: Pac-Man.

The use of the gaming icon to draw in customers forms part of the company’s “Newstalgia” campaign.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Based on information, describe Pizza Hut’s “Newstalgia” marketing campaign.
  2. What demographic do you think Pizza Hut might be trying to reach with this campaign?
  3. What is a competitive edge?
  4. How might this campaign help give Pizza Hut a competitive edge?
  5. What is AR?
  6. What is consumer engagement?
  7. Why is consumer engagement important?
  8. How might an AR campaign help Pizza Hut to boost levels of consumer engagement?
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