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Plan Away—Twitter’s 2022 Marketing Calendar is Here (Activity Suggestion)


Right now, the thought of planning even one month ahead feels risky. We’ve just entered the third year of a global health crisis that has upturned nearly every aspect of life, including our professional endeavors. Still, keeping some key dates in mind is better than nothing, and why we recommend checking out Twitter’s 2022 marketing calendar.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is social media marketing?
  2. Do you think brands hire people to run their social media accounts?
  3. How might that represent a career opportunity?
  4. What is promotion?
  5. Why is promotion an important component of the marketing mix?
  6. What are the various ways brands can engage in promotion?
  7. How might brands leverage social media to engage in promotional activities?
  8. What is Twitter’s “marketing calendar” and why might it be important to a social media marketing professional?
  9. Why do you think Twitter offers different marketing calendars for different countries?
  10. How might this calendar provide opportunities for brands to engage in promotion through Twitter? Why might that be valuable?


  1. Pick one of your favorite brands.
  2. Select six different events from six different months in Twitter’s global marketing calendar.
  3. Create a promotion tied to each event.
  4. Develop a tweet that the brand might send in conjunction with that promotion, including a hash tag.
  5. Be sure to include at least one international event.
Chris Lindauer
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