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Pottery Barn launches new mobile app


Customers can virtually preview products in their homes, track and manage registries and chat with a design expert.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. What is a retailer?
  3. Why is digital marketing important to retailers like Pottery Barn?
  4. What is consumer engagement?
  5. How can an app help to increase levels of engagement?
  6. Why are apps important to retailers?
  7. What are some of the new features included in the new Pottery Barn app, based on what you learned from reading this news story?
  8. How might providing access to a chat feature with design experts help to boost engagement?
  9. How might some of the features help to increase sales?
  10. Why do you think it is important for Pottery Barn to incorporate Apple Pay into the new app?
  11. What is a target market?
  12. Why do you think Pottery Barn offers different apps?
Chris Lindauer
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