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Reddit refreshes its logo as IPO speculation swirls


If you weren’t already buying the Reddit IPO rumors, the internet’s beating heart of deeply niche microcultures just introduced a rebrand, refreshing its iconic logo and rolling out some new visual vibes.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a rebrand?
  2. Why do businesses rebrand?
  3. Do you think there are any risks associated with a rebrand?
  4. Why might Reddit want to rebrand?
  5. In your opinion, is it a good idea for Reddit to rebrand? Why or why not?
  6. What is a mascot?
  7. Why do some businesses use mascots as part of their branding and marketing strategies?
  8. Who is “Snoo”?
  9. Why do you think Reddit gave “Snoo” a visual update?
  10. What is an IPO?
  11. Why might Reddit want to go public?
  12. What is the downside to going public?
  13. Why might a rebrand right now provide an indication that Reddit might be going public?
Chris Lindauer
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