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Shake Shack debuts social cooking series to build brand community during quarantine (MC)


Shake Shack’s new cooking show on social media aims to connect with homebound consumers as the fast-casual chain upends its operations in response to pandemic lockdowns that have closed most dine-in options. 

The series positions the brand as one that can help consumers who are stuck at home and looking to explore their culinary side, while highlighting the ingredients that go into its food. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. According to this story, are Americans cooking at home more or less during quarantine?
  2. How might that information impact Shake Shack’s marketing strategy?
  3. How has social media become even more important to restaurant brands during the COVID-19 health crisis?
  4. What is content marketing? How might this story illustrate the concept of content marketing?
  5. Why would Shake Shack reveal their recipes to consumers as part of their new streaming series? How might the company benefit from this marketing campaign?
Chris Lindauer
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