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Shake Shack Introduces “The Truffle Table Fine Dining Experience”


Shortly after launching its new White Truffle Menu, Shake Shack is now introducing a new way to enjoy its luxurious offerings. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is product development?
  2. How does that concept relate to the restaurant industry?
  3. What is product testing?
  4. Why is product testing important?
  5. Describe the new menu items at Shake Shack, based on what you learned from this news story.
  6. Do you think Shake Shack tested its new menu items before officially adding them to the menu? Why or why not?
  7. What is differentiation?
  8. How might the new menu items help differentiate Shake Shack menu items from direct competitors in the fast food restaurant space?
  9. What is promotion?
  10. Describe this promotion from Shake Shack.
  11. What do you think they hope to accomplish with this promotion?
  12. What is publicity?
  13. How might this promotion help Shake Shack to generate publicity?
  14. How might they benefit from that publicity?
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