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Subway fanatic? Win $50K in sandwiches by legally changing your name to ‘Subway’


Subway fanatics now have the ultimate way to show their love for the company, and win something nice along the way. All they have to do is legally change their name.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a brand?
  2. Is Subway a brand?
  3. What is brand loyalty?
  4. How might Subway “fanatics” help to explain the concept of brand loyalty?
  5. Why is brand loyalty important to a company like Subway?
  6. Why would Subway offer $50,000 in sandwiches to someone for legally changing their name to Subway?
  7. What is publicity?
  8. What is a marketing stunt?
  9. How might a stunt like this one from Subway help the generate conversation about the brand?
  10. What do you think Subway hopes to accomplish with this stunt?
  11. Would you legally change your name to your favorite brand in exchange for $50,000 worth of free stuff? If so, what brand?
Chris Lindauer
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