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Swiss Miss Reinvents the ‘Ugly Sweater’ With a Built-In Hot Cocoa Pocket


We’ve made it pretty clear where we stand on promotional ugly sweaters for the holiday season. They’re so common now that to really stand out you have to do something really fun or clever.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Why would Swiss Miss offer an ugly sweater product?
  2. Have you seen any other examples of brands selling ugly sweaters?
  3. Why do you think this has become such a popular trend?
  4. Because other brands are offering similar promotions, why must Swiss Miss do something “fun or clever” (as described by the author) to stand out?
  5. What is unique about the Swiss Miss ugly sweater that differentiates its product from other branded ugly sweaters?
  6. What is promotion?
  7. What do you think Swiss Miss hopes to accomplish with this particular promotion?
  8. The ugly sweaters from Swiss Miss are already sold out. Why do you think they only offered them in limited quantities?
Chris Lindauer
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