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Taco Bell wants to sell you a 30-day taco subscription


Taco Bell is testing a tasty monthly subscription service.

In about 20 participating restaurants across Tucson, Arizona, customers can pay between $5 to $10 per month for a Taco Lover’s Pass, which gives subscribers one taco a day for 30 days. The app-based program is currently active until November 24.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. According to this story, what might Taco Bell be hoping to accomplish by launching a subscription service?
  2. How might this program help Taco Bell to better understand its customer’s behavior?
  3. How might Taco Bell benefit from that data?
  4. What is brand loyalty?
  5. How might this program help to Taco Bell to elevate brand loyalty?
  6. Why do you think they are using the brand’s app to introduce the service?
  7. Why do you think Taco Bell is testing the service before officially launching throughout the country?
  8. What market are they testing the new service in for now?
  9. Why do you think they chose that market?
Chris Lindauer
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