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These 4 Airlines Made More From Upsells Than Ticket Sales in 2020


In an industry record, four budget airlines generated more revenue from ancillaries than they did from ticket sales in 2020. More importantly, ancillary revenue grew across all of the largest airlines last year despite the crisis.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What are sales?
  2. Why are sales important to airlines?
  3. What is upselling?
  4. What is an example of upselling in the airline business?
  5. Based on information from this news story, which four airlines made more money from upselling than ticket sales last year?
  6. Why do you think these airlines in particular benefited most from upselling vs. other airlines?
  7. What is a co-branded credit card?
  8. How might a co-branded credit card represent the concept of selling?
  9. How do both the airline partner and the credit card company benefit with a co-branded credit card?
Chris Lindauer
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