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This 28-year-old turned his college side hustle into a $1.3 billion start-up backed by Jeff Bezos


When Francis Davidson was wrapping up his first year of college at McGill University in 2012, the then 19-year-old philosophy and economics major wanted to make some extra cash, so he rented out his apartment for the summer.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is entrepreneurship?
  2. What is a “side hustle”?
  3. Do you think a side hustle is the same thing as entrepreneurship? Why or why not?
  4. What do you think the key to a successful startup might be?
  5. Based on information from this story, describe Sonder’s business model.
  6. Do you think the founder of Sonder was prepared to be an entrepreneur? Why might that be an important lesson to any aspiring entrepreneur?
  7. Do you, personally, have any interest in owning your own business one day? If so, what can you do to prepare for that opportunity?
Chris Lindauer
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