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TikTok becomes the next frontier for influencer marketing as Dunkin’, Arby’s tap the platform


Calling all TikTok users and coffee lovers: Dunkin’ Donuts is asking for menu hacks that may be part of a limited edition run, as the coffee giant becomes part of a vanguard of major companies leveraging the viral video platform to reach younger consumers.

Through December 12th, fans being are encouraged to share their Dunkin’-related food tips in a TikTok video, tagging the company’s social media account (@Dunkin) and using the hashtag “#DunkinMenuHackContest.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a target market?
  2. According to information from this story, who are brands targeting by advertising on TikTok?
  3. How might TikTok help those brands to reach that target market?
  4. What is influencer marketing?
  5. Why do you think brands invest in influencer marketing campaigns?
  6. Based on information from this story, describe the TikTok promotion being implemented by Dunkin’ or Arby’s.
  7. In your opinion, will this marketing strategy help Dunkin’ and Arby’s to reach the intended target market? Why or why not?
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