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Toys R Us is opening a new store with a 2-story slide and an ice cream parlor


Shoppers of all ages will soon get another chance to be a Toys R Us kid.

Under new ownership, Toys R Us is opening a U.S. flagship store at the American Dream mall in New Jersey complete with a two-story slide, an ice cream parlor and more than 10,000 toys.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the difference between retail and e-commerce?
  2. How has the evolution of online commerce impacted retail?
  3. Why is retail important to a company like Toys R Us?
  4. Toys R Us is under new ownership after the company declared bankruptcy. What is bankruptcy?
  5. What is a marketing plan?
  6. What is “traffic” as it relates to retail?
  7. Why might Toys R Us marketing plan place an emphasis on attracting traffic to its stores?
  8. How might adding a 2-story slide and an ice cream parlor attract more traffic to this store?
  9. Why do you think Toys R Us isn’t adding amenities like these to EVERY store?
  10. In your opinion, will this initiative help to boost overall sales at Toys R Us stores? Do you think that matters to the new owners in the short term? Why or why not?
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