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Under new FDA proposed guidelines, these 10 cereals would no longer be labeled ‘healthy’


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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing new criteria for manufactured foods to be labeled as “healthy,” using some popular brand-name cereals as an example of how things could change under the new guidelines.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Who is the FDA?
  2. What does the U.S. FDA do?
  3. Why does the organization exist?
  4. How does marketing influence packaging decisions?
  5. How does marketing influence the labels that appear on product packaging?
  6. What is product positioning?
  7. How might labeling explain a brand’s positioning strategy?
  8. How do you think brands are positioning their product with “healthy” claims on packaging and labels?
  9. Why is the FDA proposing new guidelines on what constitutes healthy packaging and labeling?
  10. How will the new guidelines, if instituted, impact some food products?
  11. What are three examples of cereal brands that would be impacted by the new proposed guidelines?
  12. How might a shift in packaging and labeling impact product sales for those affected by the new proposed guidelines?
  13. How might that impact the way those brands market the product?
  14. According to this news story, what are some additional future planned actions from the FDA as it relates to packaging and labeling food products?
  15. Do you think the proposed guidelines might force some brands to actually change the product so that it fits the new proposed guidelines? Why or why not?
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