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Volvo Steals the Playbook on Super Bowl Marketing


Coming into Super Bowl week, the Volvo marketing team is pulling off another trick play.

The company has promised to give out $2 million of its Swedish machines if anyone scores a safety in the big ball game Sunday. Safety, of course, is the brand’s north star. The message is a bit incongruous with a quarterback getting mauled by car-sized humans, but you get the point.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is advertising?
  2. What is sponsorship?
  3. Are advertising and sponsorship the same thing?
  4. Why would a brand want to invest a NFL sponsorship?
  5. Why would a brand want to advertise during the Super Bowl?
  6. Based on information from this story, is Volvo a NFL sponsor?
  7. Based on information from this story, is Volvo advertising during the Super Bowl?
  8. What is publicity?
  9. How is Volvo using the Super Bowl to generate publicity?
Chris Lindauer
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