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Walmart’s Cyber Monday marketing campaign takes direct aim at Amazon


Analysts say Walmart’s marketing efforts take direct aim at rival Amazon, which tends to own online shopper demand on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is promotion?
  2. What type of promotion is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  3. Why do you think Black Friday and Cyber Monday exist?
  4. What is e-commerce?
  5. How does it differ from brick-and-mortar retail?
  6. What is competition?
  7. What is market share and how does it represent the concept of competition?
  8. This news story suggests Walmart is looking to grow its market share through e-commerce. What does that mean?
  9. How might Cyber Monday help them to accomplish that goal?
  10. According to this story, what day of the week sees the heaviest amount of online spending during the holidays? Why might that be important information to a marketing professional?
Chris Lindauer
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