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Will TikTok Videos Be Muted? Here’s What To Know After Licensing Deal With Universal Music Ends.


Universal Music Group announced it will stop licensing its songs to TikTok starting Wednesday due to issues like pay disagreements and AI concerns, meaning millions of TikTok videos using these songs will be muted.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Who is Universal Music Group?
  2. What is licensing?
  3. Why is licensing important to Universal Music Group?
  4. Name five artists whose catalogs are part of Universal Music Group.
  5. Can you publish a video anywhere using a copyrighted song without a license?
  6. How does TikTok’s license make it possible for you to post a video using a Drake or Taylor Swift song?
  7. Why did TikTok remove all songs from artists affiliated with Universal Music Group?
  8. Have you seen any examples of that in your TikTok feed or in videos you have created, now or in the past?
  9. Now that TikTok removed licensed songs from Universal Music Group, what would happen if you played a video that had previously used a Drake or Taylor Swift song?
  10. According to the news, part of the concern from Universal Music Group is related to AI. Why?
  11. Do you think the lack of access to Universal Music Group songs will impact TikTok’s future? Why or why not?
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