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Your next potato chip may be flavored by artificial intelligence (MC)


Poutine, S’mores, and Atlantic Lobster are among the more than 30 flavors visitors to Covered Bridge’s potato chip factory can sprinkle over a fresh bag of crisps. The seasoning session has been the cherry-on-top finale to the tour of the plant’s farmlike facilities, located in Hartland, New Brunswick, but it has also become something of a flavor feedback lab.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
  2. Based on information from this story, explain how potato chip flavors can be influenced by AI.
  3. How could social media help determine which potato chip flavors end up in the marketplace?
  4. If you were tasked with coming up for a new idea for an innovative potato chip flavor, what would you suggest? Explain how and why a potato chip maker would benefit by introducing that flavor to the marketplace.
  5. What is distribution? Why is distribution an important function of marketing and why might it be particularly important when considering when and where potato chip makers decide to launch new flavors?
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