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Bagel Bites dips into Twitter debate about how dogs should wear pants


Kraft Heinz brand Bagel Bites asked Twitter users to decide “How should a dog wear pants?” as part of its celebration of National Dog Week, which runs Sept. 20-26, per information emailed to Mobile Marketer. It has received more than 73,000 votes as of press time.

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Questions for Classroom Discussion:

  1. What do you think Bagel Bites hoped to accomplish with this campaign? Why do you think only 60 pairs of the dog pants were available for purchase?
  2. How do these holidays/celebrations provide opportunities for marketers to promote their brands? Do you think there are any risks associated with trying to align a brand with these types of holidays / events? Why or why not?
  3. How do you think social media provides an opportunity for companies to align their brands with conversations around events like National Dog Week?
  4. What is publicity? Based on infromation from this story, do you think Bagel Bites successfully generated buzz surrounding its brand with this National Dog Week promotion? Why or why not?
  5. The article suggests this is the first major advertising campaign in almost twenty years for Bagel Bites. Why do you think they chose to launch a big campaign now?
Chris Lindauer
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