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Baskin-Robbins Joins Popeye’s, Krispy Kreme in Thanksgiving Frenzy


While the big turkey is perhaps the most classic of Thanksgiving traditions, each year someone comes up with a new way to enjoy it–from Tofurky in the 1990s to the Restaurant Brands International owned Popeyes Cajun-Style fast food turkey that dates back to 2001.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is seasonal marketing?
  2. How might this story illustrate the concept of seasonal marketing?
  3. Why do you think some businesses and brands offer seasonal product and specials?
  4. What is promotion?
  5. Why types of business and brands might benefit most from Thanksgiving themed promotions?
  6. What is one example of a business or brand launching a Thanksgiving themed promotion from this news story?
  7. What is nostalgia marketing?
  8. How is the Baskin-Robbins Turkey cake an example of nostalgia marketing?
  9. Why do you think nostalgia marketing is such a popular trend?
  10. Can you think of any other Thanksgiving themed promotions that you have seen recently? What was it? What was being promoted?
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