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Burger King has a plan to make you fall in love with the Whopper again


The past few years have been tough for Burger King. 

Missteps during the pandemic caused the chain to lag behind competitors. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is competition?
  2. What is the difference between direct and indirect competition?
  3. Who might represent direct competition to Burger King?
  4. Who might represent indirect competition?
  5. This news story suggests Burger King made some missteps during the pandemic which resulted in the chain to lag behind competitors. What does that mean and what might be an example of a misstep?
  6. What is a SWOT analysis?
  7. How might Burger King approach a SWOT analysis based on its current market position?
  8. What is a marketing plan?
  9. Based on information from this story, what does Burger King’s marketing plan look like as it looks to get back on track?
  10. If you were a marketing professional working for Burger King, what would you do to help the company from a branding and sales perspective?
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