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McCormick is building a hot sauce empire


You may know McCormick for the red capped bottles that line your spice rack.

But according to Bloomberg, America’s favorite spice maker has been busy expanding its empire into a spicy new sector: hot sauce.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. From a business perspective, what is an acquisition?
  2. Why do bigger companies want to acquire smaller companies?
  3. Why would a smaller company want to be acquired?
  4. Based on information from this story, what brands has McCormick acquired over the past few years?
  5. How have these acquisitions helped McCormick to grow?
  6. How do you think McCormick determines which brands they want to acquire?
  7. Why do you think they are investing in hot sauce?
  8. What is competition?
  9. How is McCormick’s competition (specifically Kraft Heinz) responding?
  10. Describe McCormick’s strategy for building a “hot sauce empire” based on what you learned in this news story?
Chris Lindauer
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