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Sour Patch Kids Embraces Anti-Valentine’s Day With New Candy


Not feeling particularly romantic for Valentine’s Day this year? Celebrate the anti-holiday with the perfect tasty treat: the new Black Raspberry Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts candy. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is promotion?
  2. What new flavor is Sour Patch Kids introducing?
  3. Why do brands introduce limited edition flavors like this one from Sour Patch Kids?
  4. What is seasonal marketing?
  5. Why is Valentine’s Day important to some businesses and brands?
  6. What are three examples of businesses or brands who might see sales increase over the Valentine’s Day holiday?
  7. Why do you think Sour Patch Kids is promoting the new flavor during Valentine’s Day?
  8. Based on what you learned from this story, what is the Sour Hearts Social Club?
  9. What is experiential marketing?
  10. How might this initiative from Sour Patch Kids provide an example of experiential marketing?
  11. Describe this promotion from Sour Patch Kids, based on information from this story.
  12. What is social media marketing?
  13. How is Sour Patch Kids using social media for this promotion?
  14. Why do you think social media is an important part of this campaign?
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