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The weird ways destinations tried to get you to visit in 2022


When they’re good, they’re iconic. When they’re bad — well, at least you can usually laugh. We’re talking destination campaigns — when travel hotspots make a bid for your hard-earned vacation cash by producing extravagant videos and entire websites to grab your attention.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is destination marketing?
  2. Why is tourism important to some areas?
  3. Why do you think those areas engage in destination marketing?
  4. Can you think of any destination marketing campaigns that you have seen recently?
  5. What was the destination and where did you see the marketing?
  6. Which destination marketing campaign identified in this news story do you think was the strangest?
  7. What do you think makes an effective destination marketing campaign?
  8. Despite being “weird” campaigns (according to this story), do you think they were effective?
  9. What message do you think Sweden was hoping to communicate to tourists with their destination marketing campaign?
  10. Why do you think Rwanda chose to feature a soccer player (Lionel Messi) as part of its destination marketing campaign?
  11. What is positioning?
  12. How do you think Columbia is positioning itself as part of their holiday marketing campaign?
Chris Lindauer
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