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Chipotle turns fans into ‘royalty’ with TikTok challenge

Chipotle’s latest branded hashtag challenge on TikTok marks the first time the burrito chain has given fans a chance to feature their favorite food combinations on its menu. By running the campaign on TikTok, Chipotle can reach an audience of teens and young adults who are most likely to use the social video app and participate in challenges. Frequent brand ambassador Dobrik has 24 million followers on TikTok, helping to ensure that is announcement of the “Chipotle Royalty” challenge reaches a broad audience.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. How might this story represent an example of digital marketing?
  3. What is a target market?
  4. Who is Chipotle targeting with this marketing campaign?
  5. Why do you think that group represents their target audience?
  6. In your opinion, will a TikTok marketing campaign help Chipotle to reach that target market? Why or why not?
Chris Lindauer
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