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Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew coming to torch your taste buds

Confession: I think Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are really hard to eat. Maybe it’s the unrelentingly red visual barrier, or the way they cake onto the fingertips. Perhaps Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew will fix those issues for me. It’s in a can, no finger contact required.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is product development?
  2. What is a product launch?
  3. What considerations do you think were made as Cheetos and MTN DEW developed the Flamin’ Hot Mountain dew product?
  4. What do you think they must do to successfully launch the new product?
  5. What is branding?
  6. Why do you think Mountain Dew rebranded as MTN DEW?
  7. Why do you think Mountain Dew sells products like Dew-themed Hawaiian shirts and shower can holders?
  8. How would you describe the packaging based on images provided in this story?
  9. Who do you think might represent the target market for the new product?
  10. How might the packaging be consistent with brand strategy for both brands? How might the packaging help connect with the target audience?
Chris Lindauer
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