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Burger King Bans 120 Artificial Ingredients from Its Menu to Deliver ‘Real Food’ to Customers

Burger King’s celebrity collabs celebrate the company’s new artificial ingredient ban.

Starting on Sunday, Sept. 12, the fast food giant is permanently banning 120 artificial ingredients from their food menus, in an effort to further what a press release called “the brand’s commitment to deliver real food to their customers.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is consumer behavior?
  2. Why do you think Burger King is banning 120 artificial ingredients from menus?
  3. How do you think consumer behavior influenced this decision from Burger King?
  4. What message is Burger King sending consumers with this campaign?
  5. What is advertising?
  6. What are the different forms of advertising?
  7. How might advertising help Burger King to communicate its new ban on artificial ingredients to consumers?
  8. What forms of advertising might be most effective?
  9. What is positioning?
  10. How is Burger King positioning its product with this campaign?
  11. What is celebrity endorsement?
  12. How is Burger King using celebrity endorsement to help communicate its message to consumers?
Chris Lindauer
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