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The Rise of Space Tourism: How Technology Is Making Space Travel Accessible to All

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, a new era dawns upon you—the era of space tourism. What once only existed in the realms of your favorite science fiction shows, and the dreams of visionaries are now becoming a reality, thanks to technological advancements.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is space tourism?
  2. What are the three different types of space tourism?
  3. What is one example of a space tourism company?
  4. How might space tourism represent a career opportunity for future marketers as the industry continues to grow?
  5. What is market segmentation?
  6. What are the different types of market segmentation?
  7. How might a space tourism company segment the market?
  8. Who might represent their target customer?
  9. According to this story, technology is making space travel accessible to more consumers. How so?
  10. What is one specific example of how technology is making space travel more accessible?
Chris Lindauer
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